Navios Magellan
Built 2000
Flag Panama
Class NK
Deadweight (Summer) 74333
Draft (Summer) 13.95
TPC 66.18
GRT/NRT 39052/25103
LOA 224.89
Beam 32.2m
Number of hatches 7
Number of holds 7
Grain Capacity in total 86790.3 cbm
Type of hatch covers side-rolling
Gear n/a
Speed and Consumption - Main Engine
Speed Laden/Ballast Laden/Ballast 14.5knots/15.4knots
Consumption - IFO 37.1 mt IFO per 24 hours (average)
In port with use of cargo gear n/a
In port without use of cargo gear 3.5 mt IFO per 24 hours working

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Pictured above: Navios Mercator