Navios believes that above all maintaining and growing its intellectual capital drives its success as a global maritime enterprise. Whether employees are working at sea or ashore in an office or terminal activity, the company strives to provide a safe, challenging and rewarding work environment that enables capable and motivated people to develop their skills to full potential. Navios actively encourages people to develop new ideas and processes, and to diversify and expand their areas of expertise.

Navios believes that a multi-cultural employee base provides a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. Fluency in multiple languages is considered an asset.

The company offers prospective employees a highly respected global brand, an over 60-year track record of success and operations on three continents. As a Navios employee, you enjoy excellent career development opportunities and a work environment and benefits that support your future. The company's activities require skills in finance, accounting, law, insurance, vessel operations and trading.

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As one of the world's leading brands in seaborne shipping, Navios provides an ideal environment for professionals who want to be on the cutting edge of seaborne finance, trading, management and operations.