Navios is a leader and innovator in maritime risk management and a provider of valued shipping advisory services to business partners.

Risk management
In an increasingly volatile marketplace, cost containment and risk management are major priorities for vessel owners and operators. Business partners who own or operate vessels can reduce costs and manage risk through Navios' risk management expertise, which extends to vessel, cargo and fuel hedging strategies. Through its risk management capability, Navios reduces its own exposure to adverse trends and volatility, and helps control shipping and fuel costs, while providing a reliable counterparty to numerous leading international shipping and trading enterprises and financial institutions.

Risk management includes the skills and established procedures deployed by Navios' innovative maritime freight futures trading operation. This capacity leverages Navios' understanding of all aspects of the shipping industry and utilizes industry-related financial instruments derived from indices published daily by the Baltic Exchange of London, of which Navios is a member. For more information about Navios' risk management, please contact risk management.

Navios helps business partners reduce costs and manage risk.


Risk management
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