Maximizing utilization of your assets: Time charter operator
For many ship owners, a time charter is a prudent way to maximize asset utilization and to realize investment returns. Navios, through its Navimax and Navios International operations, is one of the largest international charterers of ultra handymax and panamax tonnage. Navios' combination of experience, financial expertise and stability make the company a preferred market partner for ship owners. The company has a proven track record of success and reliable performance built over many decades of volatile freight markets.

Ship owners value Navios' proactive, partnership approach of commercially operating their vessels, crews and cargoes with safety as a foremost consideration. In addition to maintaining open lines of communication that enable the company to promptly address ship owner's requirements, Navios operates chartered in vessels as if they were its own -- closely monitoring the progress of voyages in order to preempt problems and disputes.

Ship owners also appreciate Navios' financial integrity. The company's treasury team ensures that ship owners who contract their tonnage to Navios benefit from the company's policy of ensuring that hire payments are received in a ship owner's bank account on the day they are due.

For more information about how Navios time charter operations can help you maximize asset utilization, please contact us.

Ship owners can rely on Navios to protect valuable assets through ship management services, and to help maximize asset utilization through worldwide charter operations.
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