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Navios works closely with leading industrial and agri-business end users throughout the world developing freight structures for greenfield projects and long-term transportation requirements. The company has a history of applying innovative physical solutions to enable complex cargo movements, while applying risk management mechanisms to control the financial risks associated with such projects.

Enabling your business: Trading of vessels and cargo transportation contracts
Beyond its traditional core business of developing and performing complex contracts of affreightment for industrial and agri-business customers, Navios is a leading market participant in the global trading of dry bulk vessels and cargo charter parties and related derivative instruments. Through its specialist traders, Navios is engaged literally around the clock and throughout the year in all world markets in the negotiation of hundreds of physical and paper transactions relating to the employment of dry bulk vessels and the carriage of cargoes. The company is therefore able to assure end users timely responses and vessel nominations for their spot market requirements.

Efficiently storing and moving commodities: Navios South American Logistics
Navios South American Logistics Inc. is one of the largest logistics companies in the Hidrovia region of South America, focusing on the Hidrovia region river system, the main navigable river system in the region, and on cabotage trades along the eastern coast of South America. Navios Logistics serves the storage and marine transportation needs of its petroleum, agricultural and mining customers through its port terminal, river barge and coastal cabotage operations.

For more information, please visit www.navioslogistics.com

Navios enables industrial end users to efficiently move commodities, maximize asset utilization, reduce costs and manage risk. Navios' terminal in Uruguay is a major regional resource for industrial end users.
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