Enabling broker transactions: Timely, efficient, advantageous trades
A significant portion of Navios' vessel and cargo trading activity -- and all its derivative trading -- is conducted through ship and derivative brokers located around the globe. Navios believes that physical and derivative brokers provide a critical service in assisting the company to deploy its trading resources with maximum efficiency in the dry bulk freight markets.

Brokers know that an approach to Navios for solicitation of freight and time charter rates, offers for contracts of affreightment, and derivative transactions will be dealt with in a timely and efficient manner. Likewise, brokers understand and appreciate that a market enquiry from Navios is a meaningful exercise with serious potential to lead to the successful conclusion of business.

Navios is strongly committed to supporting competitive brokers on a non-exclusive basis in all the major international centers where employment for ships, cargo and related derivative contracts are negotiated. Navios' physical and derivative trading desks work closely together, continuously exchanging market information throughout the trading day, thereby enabling the company to react quickly to brokers' requests for freight indications, tonnage requirements and forward freight derivatives. This close interaction permits Navios' trading desks to identify the best bid and offer trade values in the marketplace at any given time and to support brokers in fixing quickly to close positions.

An ideal partner for agents
Navios works hard to develop and maintain strong relationships with port agents and other maritime intermediaries around the world. The company seeks agents with proven expertise of local conditions on which the company can rely to ensure that its vessel operations proceed smoothly. In dealing with Navios, agents have the certain knowledge that their role will be respected and supported, and that they will be compensated in a timely manner for their services.

Navios encourages port agents and other intermediaries at all major international bulk ports to submit details of their services and terms. This assists the company in its continuous efforts to maintain an updated business partner database.

The world's leading brokers and agents know Navios as a trusted, winning partner. They know that in addition to successfully delivering, Navios will deal with all contingencies, reduce risk and control costs.