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Project development

Navios works closely with leading industrial and agri-business end users throughout the world developing freight structures for greenfield projects and long-term transportation requirements. The company has a history of applying innovative physical solutions to enable complex cargo movements, while applying risk management mechanisms to control the financial risks associated with such projects. Navios' technical team provides specialized design services for the construction of ships tailored to end users' requirements.

Enabling your business: Trading of vessels and cargo transportation contracts
Beyond its traditional core business of developing and performing complex contracts of affreightment for industrial and agri-business customers, Navios is a leading market participant in the global trading of dry bulk vessels and cargo charter parties and related derivative instruments. Through its specialist traders, Navios is engaged literally around the clock and throughout the year in all world markets in the negotiation of hundreds of physical and paper transactions relating to the employment of dry bulk vessels and the carriage of cargoes. The company is therefore able to assure end users timely responses and vessel nominations for their spot market requirements. In addition to the expertise of the company's trading desks, a range of professional skills and experience, deployed through our technical and operations personnel in the United States and Greece, ensures the successful execution of these transactions.

For more information about how Navios can help you with your transportation requirements, please contact navimax for handymax related business and trading for panamax related business.

Efficiently storing and moving commodities: Navios Uruguay terminal
In 1956 Navios established what is now the largest bulk transfer and storage terminal in Uruguay for the benefit of agri-business and industrial end users operating in the Hidrovia region of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Positioned in a free trade zone in the port of Nueva Palmira at the confluence of the Parana and Uruguay rivers, the terminal is one of the most efficient and prominent operations of its kind in South America.

Nueva Palmira and the Navios terminal are ideally situated to provide agri-business and industrial end users with a convenient and efficient outlet for a wide range of agricultural and mining commodities originating in the region. The commodities handled include grains and their by-products as well as ores, wood fiber, sugar, salt and fertilizers. The terminal receives bulk cargoes from barges, trucks and vessels and then transfers them directly to dry bulk carriers or stores them in its own silos for later shipment.

Navios continues to invest in the enhancement and expansion of the terminal, increasing the volumes, range of commodities and quality of service available to industrial and agri-business end users. For more information about Navios terminals, please visit the Navios terminals website or contact naviosterminals.

Navios enables industrial end users to efficiently move commodities, maximize asset utilization, reduce costs and manage risk. Navios' terminal in Uruguay is a major regional resource for industrial end users.
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